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Title Type Author(s) Year
COVID-19: Immediate Predictors of Individual Resilience Webpage Ferreira et al.
Circular business strategies and supply chain finance in the Aruba waste sector: A case study of a small island jurisdiction Webpage and Alofs
Policy Brief: Pacific Islands Forge Ahead on National Environmental Action, Monitoring, and Reporting for Informed Decision Making Journal Article IISD's SDG Knowledge Hub
Water and Cities in Latin America: Challenges for Sustainable Development Webpage
Climate change loss and damage governance. Where are we now? A case study from Fiji’s sugar industry Journal Article Nand et al. 2023
Discussing linkages between climate change, human mobility and health in the Caribbean: The case of Dominica. A qualitative study Journal Article Cloos et al. 2023
Island and Indigenous systems of circularity: how Hawaiʻi can inform the development of universal circular economy policy goals Journal Article Beamer et al. 2023
Proposed solutions for marine debris in the Windward Islands- perspectives from key policy makers and policy influencers Journal Article Roxanne E. D. Graham 2023
Regenerative economics at the service of islands: Assessing the socio-economic metabolism of Samothraki in Greece Journal Article Zisopoulos et al. 2023
Sources of major elements and nutrients in the water cycle of an undisturbed river basin – Samothraki Island, Greece Journal Article Skoulikidis et al. 2023
The Bahamas at risk: Material stocks, sea-level rise, and the implications for development. Journal Article Martin del Campo et al. 2023
The role of colonial pasts in shaping climate futures: Adaptive capacity in Georgetown, Guyana Journal Article Robinson et al. 2023
3D GIS Modelling of Road and Building Material Stocks: A Case Study of Grenada Thesis Lingfei Ye 2022
Advancing urban metabolism studies through GIS data: Resource flows, open space networks, and vulnerable communities in Mexico City Journal Article Daniel Otero Peña. Daniela Perrotti. Eugene Mohareb. 2022
Closing the material loops for construction and demolition waste: The circular economy on the island Bornholm, Denmark Journal Article Christensen et al. 2022
Providing a framework for post-disaster resilience factors in buildings and infrastructure from end-users’ perspectives: case study in Caribbean island states Journal Article Charles et al. 2022
Regional Trends in Social-Ecological-Technological (SET) Approaches to Sustainable Urban Planning: Focus on Asia Book Section Thammadi et al. 2022
Small Island Developing States in a post-pandemic world: Challenges and opportunities for climate action Journal Article Foley et al. 2022
Towards a Circular Economy for African Islands: an Analysis of Existing Baselines and Strategies Journal Article Andriamahefazafy and Failler 2022
Baselining for a circular Toronto: Material Flow Analysis Report Circle Economy 2021
Cities as organisms: Urban metabolism of the four main Danish cities Journal Article Lanau et al. 2021
Climate Change Adaptation on Small Island States: An Assessment of Limits and Constraints Journal Article Leal Filho et al. 2021
Critiquing ‘islandness’ as immunity to COVID-19: A case exploration of the Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique archipelago in the Caribbean region Journal Article John N. Telesford 2021
Decoupling density from tallness in analysing the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of cities Journal Article Pomponi et al. 2021
Electronic waste in the Caribbean: An impending environmental disaster or an opportunity for a circular economy? Journal Article Mohammadi et al. 2021
Global land use of diets in a small island community: a case study of Palau in the Pacific Journal Article Nakamura et al. 2021
How Large the Direct Rebound Effect for Residential Electricity Consumption When the Artificial Neural Network Takes on the Role? A Taiwan Case Study of Household Electricity Consumption Journal Article Adha and Hong 2021
How big is circular economy potential on Caribbean islands considering e-waste? Journal Article Mohammadi et al. 2021
Impact of climate change on vulnerability of freshwater resources: a case study of Mauritius Journal Article Boojhawon and Surroop 2021
Natural Hazards and Complex Disasters Book Section Singh and Callan 2021
Operationalizing Urban Resilience to Floods in Island Territories—Application in Punaauia, French Polynesia Journal Article Lamaury et al. 2021
Plastic debris increases circadian temperature extremes in beach sediments Journal Article Lavers et al. 2021
Reunderstanding Cairo through urban metabolism: Formal versus informal districts resource flow performance in fast urbanizing cities Journal Article Khalil and Al‐Ahwal 2021
The Metabolism of Islands Book Singh et al. 2021
The use of Islandscape character assessment and participatory spatial SWOT analysis to the strategic planning and sustainable development of small islands. The case of Gavdos Journal Article Gkoltsiou and Mougiakou 2021
Understanding the decision-making structures, roles and actions of village-level water committees in Fiji Journal Article Nelson et al. 2021
You can't manage what you can't measure: The potential for circularity in Grenada's waste management system Journal Article Elgie et al. 2021
“Trash is just treasure in the wrong place”: The social metabolism of waste in Grenada Thesis Allison Elgie 2021
A Best Practice in the Making? How Dominica is Building the World’s First Climate Resilient Nation Webpage Bardouille and Scaife 2020
A Screening Approach for Assessing Groundwater Quality for Consumption in Small Islands: Case Study of 45 Inhabited Islands in the Maldives Journal Article Jaleel et al. 2020
A snapshot of solid waste generation in the hospitality industry. The case of a five-star hotel on the island of Malta Journal Article Camilleri-Fenech et al. 2020
Assessing the risk of the food-energy-water nexus of urban metabolism: A case study of Kinmen Island, Taiwan Journal Article Chen et al. 2020
Blue Growth and its discontents in the Faroe Islands: an island perspective on Blue (De)Growth, sustainability, and environmental justice Journal Article Ragnheiður Bogadóttir 2020
Caught in a Deadlock: Small Ruminant Farming on the Greek Island of Samothrace. The Importance of Regional Contexts for Effective EU Agricultural Policies Journal Article Noll et al. 2020
Circular Kongsvinger Region Report Circle Economy 2020
Circular Àmbit B30 Report Circle Economy 2020
Climate change, ecosystem services and migration in the Marshall Islands: are they related? Journal Article van der Geest et al. 2020
Coping with environmental hazards and shocks in Kiribati: Experiences of climate change by atoll communities in the Equatorial Pacific Journal Article Cauchi et al. 2020
Coronavirus: COVID-19 Transmission in Pacific Small Island Developing States Journal Article Leal Filho et al. 2020
Crypto-economy and new sustainable business models: Reflections and projections using a case study analysis Journal Article Massaro et al. 2020
Embodied GHG emissions of buildings – The hidden challenge for effective climate change mitigation Journal Article Röck et al. 2020
Energy recovery from municipal solid waste in Mauritius: Opportunities and challenges Journal Article Neehaul et al. 2020
Evaluating urban water management using a water metabolism framework: A comparative analysis of three regions in Korea Journal Article Jeong and Park 2020
Evolution of virtual water metabolic network in developing regions: A case study of Guangdong province Journal Article He et al. 2020
GIS-based Material Stock Analysis (MSA) of Climate Vulnerabilities to the Tourism Industry in Antigua and Barbuda Journal Article Bradshaw et al. 2020
Global to small island; a cross-scale foresight scenario exercise Journal Article Drakes et al. 2020
How Disaster Aid Ravaged an Island People Journal Article Saini and Singh 2020
IoT-enabled smart appliances under industry 4.0: A case study Journal Article Aheleroff et al. 2020
Isolated yet open: A metabolic analysis of Menorca Journal Article Marcos-Valls et al. 2020
Lost Material Stock in Buildings due to Sea Level Rise from Global Warming: The Case of Fiji Islands Journal Article Merschroth et al. 2020
Modeling the circular economy in environmentally extended input-output tables: Methods, software and case study Journal Article Donati et al. 2020
Natural Disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean Report United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 2020
Non-economic loss and damage: lessons from displacement in the Caribbean Journal Article Thomas and Benjamin 2020
Saint Lucia: National infrastructure assessment Report UNOPS and University of Oxford 2020
Samothraki in Transition: A Report on a Real-World Lab to Promote the Sustainability of a Greek Island Journal Article Fischer-Kowalski et al. 2020
Sinking Islands, Drowned Logic; Climate Change and Community-Based Adaptation Discourses in Solomon Islands Journal Article van der Ploeg et al. 2020
South American Expert Roundtable: Increasing Adaptive Governance Capacity for Coping with Unintended Side Effects of Digital Transformation Journal Article Viale Pereira et al. 2020
South Pacific island's water crisis tipping point for global climate change Newspaper Article The Associated Press 2020
Sustainable development opportunities in small island nations: A case study of the Cook Islands Journal Article Tyedmers et al. 2020
The Hawaiian Islands: Conceptualizing an Industrial Ecology Holarchic System Journal Article Chertow et al. 2020
The Impact of Hurricane Irma on the Metabolism of St. Martin’s Island Journal Article Popescu et al. 2020
The Social Metabolism of Quiet Sustainability in the Faroe Islands Journal Article Ragnheiður Bogadóttir 2020
The contribution of tourism to municipal solid waste generation: A mixed demand-supply approach on the island of Tenerife Journal Article Diaz-Farina et al. 2020
The self-(in)sufficiency of the Caribbean: Ecosystem services potential Index (ESPI) as a measure for sustainability Journal Article Grima and Singh 2020
The weight of islands: Leveraging Grenada's material stocks to adapt to climate change Journal Article Symmes et al. 2020
The “Metal-Energy-Construction Mineral” Nexus in the Island Metabolism: The Case of the Extractive Economy of New Caledonia Journal Article Bahers et al. 2020
Why Islands? Journal Article Island Conservation 2020
A Geodesign Decision Support Environment for Integrating Management of Resource Flows in Spatial Planning Journal Article Arciniegas et al. 2019
A Simple Sinuosity-Based Method using GPS data to Support Mitigation Policies for Public Buses GHG Emissions Conference Paper Wills et al. 2019
A hybrid material flow analysis for quantifying multilevel anthropogenic resources Journal Article Cheng et al. 2019
A literature review and categorisation of sustainability-aimed urban metabolism indicators: a context, indicator, mechanism, outcome analysis Journal Article Song et al. 2019
A mitigation simulation method for urban NOx emissions based on input-output analysis Journal Article Xu et al. 2019
A spatial analysis of material stock accumulation and demolition waste potential of buildings: A case study of Padua Journal Article Miatto et al. 2019
Achieving Sustainable E-Commerce in Environmental, Social and Economic Dimensions by Taking Possible Trade-Offs Journal Article Olah et al. 2019
An Assessment of Climate Change and Health Vulnerability and Adaptation in Dominica Journal Article Schnitter et al. 2019
An ecological-thermodynamic approach to urban metabolism: Measuring resource utilization with open system network effectiveness analysis Journal Article Tan et al. 2019
An integrated analysis of input and output flows in an urban carbon metabolism using a spatially explicit network model Journal Article 2019
Analysis of the spatial-temporal differences and fairness of the regional energy ecological footprint of the Silk Road Economic Belt (China Section) Journal Article Yang and Fan 2019
Analysis of urban metabolism and policy assessment : building a nested multiregional input-output model Thesis BRAMBILLA di CIVESIO and BURATTI 2019
Análisis del flujo metabólico de los materiales de construcción en la Ciudad de Riobamba Journal Article Herrera Mancero and Vilema Tigxi 2019
Attributing long-term sea-level rise to Paris Agreement emission pledges Journal Article Nauels et al. 2019
Biogas Potential for Improved Sustainability in Guangzhou, China—A Study Focusing on Food Waste on Xiaoguwei Island Journal Article Feiz et al. 2019
Can the Caribbean Live within the Doughnut? Environmental and Social Performance of Five Island Nations Thesis Wei Jia 2019
Capture and Control of Material Flows and Stocks in Urban Housing - Based on the Case Study of the Housing Industry in Munich-Freiham Thesis Matthias Arnold Heinrich 2019
Changes and driving forces of urban consumption-based carbon emissions: A case study of Shanghai Journal Article Shao et al. 2019
Characterizing the metabolic pattern of urban systems using MuSIASEM: The case of Barcelona Journal Article Pérez-Sánchez et al. 2019
Circular Economy Opportunities in Almaty Report Circle Economy 2019
Circular Economy Strategies in Eight Historic Port Cities: Criteria and Indicators Towards a Circular City Assessment Framework Journal Article Antonia Gravagnuolo and Girard 2019
Circular Prague Report Circle Economy 2019
Circular cities Switzerland - Bern: Material flow analysis Report Circle Economy 2019
Closing the loop on platinum from catalytic converters: Contributions from material flow analysis and circularity indicators Journal Article Saidani et al. 2019
Combining material flow analysis with life cycle assessment to identify environmental hotspots of urban consumption Journal Article Westin et al. 2019
Community perceptions link environmental decline to reduced support for tourism development in small island states: A case study in the Turks and Caicos Islands Journal Article Robinson et al. 2019
Conceptualizing Household Energy Metabolism: A Methodological Contribution Journal Article Strydom et al. 2019
Construction and demolition waste generation in cities in India: an integrated approach Journal Article Jain et al. 2019
Consumption-Based Carbon Emissions of Tianjin Based on Multi-Scale Input–Output Analysis Journal Article Xu et al. 2019
Coordinating soil and rock material in urban construction – Scenario analysis of material flows and greenhouse gas emissions Journal Article Magnusson et al. 2019
Defiance from Down River: Deflection and Dispute in the Urban-Industrial Metabolism of Pollution in Guadalajara Journal Article McCulligh and Vega Fregoso 2019
Deliverable 3.3 Process model for the two pilot cases: Amsterdam, the Netherlands & Naples, Italy Report Bob Geldermans (TUD) and 2019
Diets, Food Miles, and Environmental Sustainability of Urban Food Systems: Analysis of Nine Indian Cities Journal Article Boyer et al. 2019
Digital colonialism: US empire and the new imperialism in the Global South Journal Article Michael Kwet 2019
Disaster-Risk, Water Security Challenges and Strategies in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Journal Article Gheuens et al. 2019
District-scale energy demand modeling and urban microclimate: A case study in The Netherlands Journal Article Mosteiro-Romero et al. 2019
Ecological network analysis of urban energy metabolic system—A case study of Beijing Journal Article Zhu et al. 2019
Embodied energy in service industry in global cities: A study of six Asian cities Journal Article Guo et al. 2019
Embodied versus operational energy in residential and commercial buildings: where should we focus? Journal Article Dilsiz et al. 2019
Energy retrofit scenarios material flows and circularity Conference Paper Gobbo et al. 2019
Energy, exergy, economic and advanced and extended exergy analyses of a wind turbine Journal Article Ehyaei et al. 2019
Energy–Economy–Environment Interactions: A Comparative Analysis of Lisbon and Sao Paulo Metropolitan Areas Journal Article Cruz et al. 2019
Environmental footprint family to address local to planetary sustainability and deliver on the SDGs Journal Article Vanham et al. 2019
Estimation of greenhouse gas reduction in waste recycling sector in Cheongju-si, Korea using US EPA WARM model Conference Paper Lee et al. 2019
Examining urban metabolism: A material flow perspective on cities and their sustainability Journal Article Cui et al. 2019
FAO's work with Small Island Developing States. Transforming food systems, sustaining small islands. Report FAO 2019
Global construction materials database and stock analysis of residential buildings between 1970-2050 Journal Article Marinova et al. 2019
Governance of the water-energy-food security nexus: A multi-level coordination challenge Journal Article Claudia Pahl-Wostl 2019
Improving Water Management Education across the Latin America and Caribbean Region Journal Article Lyon et al. 2019
In-use Product and Steel Stocks Sustaining the Urbanization of Xiamen, China Journal Article Song et al. 2019
Incorporating Metabolic Thinking into Regional Planning: The Case of the Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan Journal Article Daniela Perrotti Juanjo Galan 2019
Integrated municipal solid waste management scheme of Hong Kong: A comprehensive analysis in terms of global warming potential and energy use Journal Article Iqbal et al. 2019
Integrating Material Stock Dynamics Into Economy-Wide Material Flow Accounting: Concepts, Modelling, and Global Application for 1900–2050 Journal Article Wiedenhofer et al. 2019
Integrating lifecycle assessment and urban metabolism at city level: Comparison between Spanish cities Journal Article González-García and Dias 2019
Investigating the impact of climate change on the tourism sector: evidence from a sample of island economies Journal Article Seetanah and Fauzel 2019
Life beyond the grid: A Life-Cycle Sustainability Assessment of household energy needs Journal Article Vogt Gwerder et al. 2019
Managing the Transition towards Circular Metabolism: Living Labs as a Co-Creation Approach Journal Article Amenta et al. 2019
Material Cycles Book Section Winfrey and Kangas 2019
Material flow analysis (MFA) as a strategic tool in E-waste management: Applications, trends and future directions Journal Article Islam and Huda 2019
Material footprint of electric vehicles: A multiregional life cycle assessment Journal Article Sen et al. 2019
Materials flow analysis in support of circular economy development: Plastics in Trinidad and Tobago Journal Article Millette et al. 2019
Metabolic relationships between cities and hinterland: a political-industrial ecology of energy metabolism of Saint-Nazaire metropolitan and port area (France) Journal Article Bahers et al. 2019
Modeling copper demand in China up to 2050: A business-as-usual scenario based on dynamic stock and flow analysis Journal Article Dong et al. 2019
Modeling the urban water-energy nexus: A case study of Xiamen, China Journal Article Lin et al. 2019
Multi-Criteria and Life Cycle Assessment of Wood-Based Bioenergy Alternatives for Residential Heating: A Sustainability Analysis Journal Article Martín-Gamboa et al. 2019
Opportunities and limits of circular economy as policy framework for urban metabolism Book Section Athanassiadis et al. 2019
Pathways towards regional circular economy evaluated using material flow analysis and system dynamics Journal Article Gao et al. 2019
Plastics Waste Metabolism in a Petro-Island State: Towards Solving a “Wicked Problem” in Trinidad and Tobago Journal Article Shah et al. 2019
Risks, Health Consequences, and Response Challenges for Small-Island-Based Populations: Observations From the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season Journal Article Shultz et al. 2019
SIDS Waste Management Outlook Report UNEP 2019
Spatial analysis of urban material stock with clustering algorithms: A Northern European case study Journal Article Gontia et al. 2019
Spatially explicit material stock analysis of buildings in Eastern China metropoles Journal Article Guo et al. 2019
The Impacts of Climate Change on Ecosystem Services and Resulting Losses and Damages to People and Society Book Section van der Geest et al. 2019
The Manifestation of Climate Injustices: The Post-Hurricane Irma Conflicts Surrounding Barbuda’s Communal Land Tenure Journal Article Baptiste and Devonish 2019
The Material Footprint of private households in Germany: Linking the natural resource use and socioeconomic characteristics of users from an online footprint calculator in Germany Journal Article Buhl et al. 2019
The Scale-Dependent Behaviour of Cities: A Cross-Cities Multiscale Driver Analysis of Urban Energy Use Journal Article Bettignies et al. 2019
The State of the Art of Material Flow Analysis Research Based on Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling and Disposal Journal Article Guo and Huang 2019
The expansion of the built environment, waste generation and EU recycling targets on Samothraki, Greece: An island’s dilemma Journal Article Noll et al. 2019
The metabolism of U.S. cities 2.0 Journal Article Chini and Stillwell 2019
Towards Low-Carbon Urban Metabolism—The Impact of Eliminating Food Waste Book Section Graham et al. 2019
Towards Measuring the Informal City: A Societal Metabolism Approach Journal Article Smit et al. 2019
Towards a model for circular renovation of the existing building stock: a preliminary study on the potential for CO2 reduction of bio-based insulation materials Journal Article Pittau et al. 2019
Towards a more direct policy feedback in circular economy monitoring via a societal needs perspective Journal Article Alaerts et al. 2019
Towards an interspatial urban metabolism analysis in an interconnected world Journal Article Zeev Stossel Meidad Kissinger 2019
Towards resilient African cities: Shared challenges and opportunities towards the retention and maintenance of ecological infrastructure Journal Article O'Farrell et al. 2019
Uncovering Household Carbon Footprint Drivers in an Aging, Shrinking Society Journal Article Huang et al. 2019
Unravelling the anthropogenic pathways of phosphorus in the food production and consumption system of Bangladesh through the lens of substance flow analysis Journal Article Roy et al. 2019
Upscaling urban data science for global climate solutions Journal Article Creutzig et al. 2019
Urban Metabolic Analysis of a Food-Water-Energy System for Sustainable Resources Management Journal Article Hu et al. 2019
Urban Metabolism Guide Report Rosado et al. 2019
Urban Metabolism and the UM-US-SC Nexus Journal Article Tong Zou 2019
Urban waste flows and their potential for a circular economy model at city-region level Journal Article Zeller et al. 2019
Urban water metabolism information for planning water sensitive city-regions Journal Article Serrao-Neumann et al. 2019
Using spatially explicit commodity flow and truck activity data to map urban material flows Journal Article Lynette Cheah Lih Wei Yeow 2019
Water-Energy-Food Nexus: A Provision to Tackle Urban Drought Book Section Mitra et al. 2019
What should be the future industrial structure of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei city region under water resource constraint?An inter-city input-output analysis Journal Article Li et al. 2019
World Risk Index 2019 Report Peace and Armed Conflict 2019
A N, P, C, and water flows metabolism study in a peri-urban territory in France: The case-study of the Saclay plateau Journal Article Verger et al. 2018
A Proposal to Integrate System Dynamics and Carbon Metabolism for Urban Planning Conference Paper Elliot et al. 2018
A holistic framework for the integrated assessment of urban waste management systems Journal Article Chifari et al. 2018
A modular bottom-up approach for constructing physical input–output tables (PIOTs) based on process engineering models Journal Article Wachs and Singh 2018
A multi-level framework for metabolism in urban energy systems from an ecological perspective Journal Article Pulido Barrera et al. 2018
A network framework for dynamic models of urban food, energy and water systems (FEWS) Journal Article Zimmerman et al. 2018
Accountability in climate change governance and Caribbean SIDS Journal Article Michelle Scobie 2018
Achieving SDG 6: water resources sustainability in Caribbean Small Island Developing States through improved water governance Journal Article Michelle A. Mycoo 2018
Adapting to climate change at the national level in Caribbean small island developing state Journal Article Stacy-ann Robinson 2018
Advancing analytical methods for urban metabolism studies Journal Article Li and Kwan 2018
Airbnb and the rent gap: Gentrification through the sharing economy Journal Article Wachsmuth and Weisler 2018
Amstelveen Circulair: Kansen voor de circulaire economie in Amstelveen Report Circle Economy 2018
An Approach to Identify Resource Patterns on a Neighborhood Level Book Section Österbring et al. 2018
Assessing the implementation of the Chongming Eco Island policy: What a broad planning evaluation framework tells more than technocratic indicator systems Journal Article Ma et al. 2018
Assessing the implications of a 1.5 °C temperature limit for the Jamaican agriculture sector Journal Article Rhiney et al. 2018
Assessment of the potential implications of a 1.5 °C versus higher global temperature rise for the Afobaka hydropower scheme in Suriname Journal Article Donk et al. 2018
Bracing for the Storm: For the Caribbean, building resilience is a matter of survival Journal Article and Srinivasan 2018
Carbon Footprint Planning: Quantifying Local and State Mitigation Opportunities for 700 California Cities Journal Article Jones et al. 2018
Characterizing heat stress on livestock using the temperature humidity index (THI)—prospects for a warmer Caribbean Journal Article Lallo et al. 2018
Circles, spirals, pyramids and cubes: why the circular economy cannot work Journal Article Keith Ronald Skene 2018
Circular Bilbao & Bizkaia Report Circle Economy 2018
Circular cities Switzerland - Basel: Material flow analysis Report Circle Economy 2018
Climate change and the water–energy–food nexus: insights from policy and practice in Tanzania Journal Article Pardoe et al. 2018
Climate change impacts on critical international transportation assets of Caribbean Small Island Developing States (SIDS): the case of Jamaica and Saint Lucia Journal Article Monioudi et al. 2018
Coastal hazard risk assessment for small islands: assessing the impact of climate change and disaster reduction measures on Ebeye (Marshall Islands) Journal Article Giardino et al. 2018
Community-based adaptation in low-lying islands in the Philippines: challenges and lessons learned Journal Article Jamero et al. 2018
Comparison of Tools for Quantifying the Environmental Performance of an Urban Territory Journal Article Dias et al. 2018
Conceptions of vulnerability in adaptation projects: a critical examination of the role of development aid agencies in Timor-Leste Journal Article Barrowman and Kumar 2018
Consumption based approach of carbon footprint analysis in urban slum and non-slum areas of Rawalpindi Journal Article Adnan et al. 2018
Cyprus energy resources and their potential to increase sustainability Conference Paper Tsangas et al. 2018
D.3.5. Process model for the follow-up cases: Łódź Report PAN) et al. 2018
D3.6 Process Model Hamburg Report (HCU) et al. 2018
D3.7 Process model Pécs Report (RKI) et al. 2018
Development of an urban FEW nexus online analyzer to support urban circular economy strategy planning Journal Article Xue et al. 2018
Dynamic Assessment of Nature Based Solutions Through Urban Level LCA Book Section Başoğlu et al. 2018
Engaging stakeholders in research to address water–energy–food (WEF) nexus challenges Journal Article Hoolohan et al. 2018
Estimating global copper demand until 2100 with regression and stock dynamics Journal Article Schipper et al. 2018
Evaluating sustainable urban development using urban metabolism indicators in urban design Journal Article Song et al. 2018
Exploring urban metabolism—Towards an interdisciplinary perspective Journal Article Dijst et al. 2018
Food-energy-water nexus: A life cycle analysis on virtual water and embodied energy in food consumption in the Tamar catchment, UK Journal Article Salmoral and Yan 2018
Framework for Urban Metabolism and Life Cycle Assessment of Hardscape Journal Article Butt et al. 2018
Freshwater stress on small island developing states: population projections and aridity changes at 1.5 and 2 °C Journal Article Karnauskas et al. 2018
From urban metabolism to industrial ecosystem metabolism: A study of construction in Shanghai from 2004 to 2014 Journal Article Zhang et al. 2018
Future Caribbean Climates in a World of Rising Temperatures: The 1.5 vs 2.0 Dilemma Journal Article Taylor et al. 2018
Geographies of renewable energy transition in the Caribbean: Reshaping the island energy metabolism Journal Article Harrison and Popke 2018
Graphical Instructions for Procedures Involving Material Flow: Journal Article Pugh and Gillan 2018
Heading for the hills: climate-driven community relocations in the Solomon Islands and Alaska provide insight for a 1.5 °C future Journal Article Albert et al. 2018
How may sustainability be advanced through Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Small Islands? Exploring a conceptual framework Journal Article Polido et al. 2018
Identifying opportunities for long-lasting habitat conservation and restoration in Hawaii’s shifting climate Journal Article Fortini and Jacobi 2018
Implementing the Urban Nexus approach for improved resource-efficiency of developing cities in Southeast-Asia Journal Article Steffen Lehmann 2018
In search of a (WEF) nexus approach Journal Article Stephen A. Harwood 2018
Including nature in the food-energy-water nexus can improve sustainability across multiple ecosystem services Journal Article Hanes et al. 2018
Innovating at the food, water, and energy interface Journal Article Helmstedt et al. 2018
Integrating Functions for a Sustainable Urban System: A Review of Multifunctional Land Use and Circular Urban Metabolism Journal Article Van Broekhoven and Vernay 2018
Integrating Urban Metabolism, Material Flow Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment in the environmental evaluation of Santiago de Compostela Journal Article García-Guaita et al. 2018
Knowledge, attitudes and practices of climate adaptation actors towards resilience and transformation in a 1.5°C world Journal Article Saxena et al. 2018
Large cities get more for less: Water footprint efficiency across the US Journal Article Mahjabin et al. 2018
Linking the water-energy-food nexus and sustainable development indicators for the Mediterranean region Journal Article Saladini et al. 2018
Managing the energy-water-food nexus for sustainable development Journal Article Liu et al. 2018
Material flows analysis of plastic in Thailand Journal Article Bureecam et al. 2018
Material footprint of a fast-industrializing region in China, Part 1: Exploring the materialization process of Liaoning Province Journal Article Ma et al. 2018
Material-intensity database of residential buildings: A case-study of Sweden in the international context Journal Article Gontia et al. 2018
Metabolism of Global Cities: London, Manchester, Chicago Book Section Harriet Friedmann 2018
Metabolisme Antwerpen: Stad van Stromen: eindrapport Journal Article Frijters et al. 2018
Mortality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria Journal Article Kishore et al. 2018
Moving from theory to practice in the water–energy–food nexus: An evaluation of existing models and frameworks Journal Article Shannak et al. 2018
Municipal Solid Waste Properties in China: A Comparative Study between Beijing, Guangzhou and Lhasa Book Section Ma et al. 2018
Nexus thinking in current EU policies – The interdependencies among food, energy and water resources Journal Article Venghaus and Hake 2018
On the vulnerability of Small Island Developing States: A dynamic analysis Journal Article Scandurra et al. 2018
Optimizing resource use efficiencies in the food–energy–water nexus for sustainable agriculture: from conceptual model to decision support system Journal Article Tian et al. 2018
Practical tools for quantitative analysis of coastal vulnerability and sea level rise impacts—application in a Caribbean island and assessment of the 1.5 °C threshold Journal Article Biondi and Guannel 2018
Providing an economy-wide monitoring framework for the circular economy in Austria: Status quo and challenges Journal Article Jacobi et al. 2018
Quantifying the energy, water and food nexus: A review of the latest developments based on life-cycle assessment Journal Article Mannan et al. 2018
Quantifying the spatial patterns of urban carbon metabolism: A case study of Hangzhou, China Journal Article Xia et al. 2018
Recipe for Resilience? Tracing the Biopolitics of Sint Maarten’s Recovery Efforts After Irma Journal Article Kevon Rhiney 2018
Reducing external costs of nitrogen pollution by relocation of pig production between regions in the European Union Journal Article van Grinsven et al. 2018
Regional input–output tables and trade flows: an integrated and interregional non-survey approach Conference Paper Boero et al. 2018
Resource extractivism, health and climate change in small islands Journal Article Hilary Bambrick 2018
Restaurants' behaviour, awareness, and willingness to submit waste cooking oil for biofuel production in Beijing Journal Article Liu et al. 2018
Show me your garden and I will tell you how sustainable you are: Dutch citizens’ perspectives on conserving biodiversity and promoting a sustainable urban living environment through domestic gardening Journal Article Carijn Beumer 2018
Socio-economic metabolism of urban construction materials: A case study of the Taipei metropolitan area Journal Article Wang et al. 2018
Space-time information analysis for resource-conscious urban planning and design: A stakeholder based identification of urban metabolism data gaps Journal Article M.Voskamp et al. 2018
Spatial optimization of the food, energy, and water nexus: A life cycle assessment-based approach Journal Article Yuan et al. 2018
Sustainability Learning Labs in Small Island Developing States: A Case Study of the Seychelles Journal Article Krütli et al. 2018
Sustainable planning of the energy-water-food nexus using decision making tools Journal Article Bieber et al. 2018
Temporal Evolution of Green Stormwater Infrastructure Strategies in Three US Cities Journal Article McPhillips and Matsler 2018
The Distribution of Material Footprints in Germany Journal Article Pothen and Tovar Reaños 2018
The Global Food-Energy-Water Nexus Journal Article D'Odorico et al. 2018
The Statistics of Recyclable Resources in Beijing: Satus, Problems and Countermeasures Journal Article Liu et al. 2018
The Sustainability of Humanitarian Aid: The Nicobar Islands as a Case of 'Complex Disasters'. Book Section Singh et al. 2018
The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in East Asia: A tele-connected value chain analysis using inter-regional input-output analysis Journal Article White et al. 2018
The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: A systematic review of methods for nexus assessment Journal Article Albrecht et al. 2018
The circularity of the urban ecosystem material productivity: The transformation of biomass into technomass in Southern Patagonia Journal Article Luis Inostroza 2018
The estimated impact of California's urban water conservation mandate on electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions Journal Article Spang et al. 2018
The implications of rural perceptions of water scarcity on differential adaptation behaviour in Rajasthan, India Journal Article Singh et al. 2018
The nexus between water, energy, and food in the context of the global risks: An analysis of the interactions between food, water, and energy security Journal Article de Amorim et al. 2018
Towards a relational understanding of the water-energy-food nexus: an analysis of embeddedness and governance in the Upper Blue Nile region of Ethiopia Journal Article Stein et al. 2018
Towards the optimization of sustainable food-energy-water systems: A stochastic approach Journal Article Karan et al. 2018
Transdisciplinarity and the food energy and water nexus: Ecological modernization and supply chain sustainability perspectives Journal Article Bergendahl et al. 2018
Understanding and managing the food-energy-water nexus – opportunities for water resources research Journal Article Cai et al. 2018
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