Energy recovery from municipal solid waste in Mauritius: Opportunities and challenges

Energy recovery from Municipal Solid Waste in Mauritius is considered as a solution to enhance the country's energy security and tackle imminent waste management issues. This study applies an Analytical Hierarchy Process model for identifying the best waste to energy technology, which can be set up in Mauritius while taking into consideration technical as well as sustainability indicators. Incineration, gasification, pyrolysis and anaerobic digestion, were considered for the purpose of this study. As a result of the analysis, anaerobic digestion was ranked as the prioritised technology when social acceptance indicator, identified as the critical criterion, was attributed a high weight. When the effects of the critical criterion was either attenuated or eliminated during the sensitivity analysis, incineration emerged as the preferred technology. A critical analysis revealed that higher environmental and economic gains are expected to be generated as a result of implementing incineration for energy recovery in Mauritius. Finally, a review of the barriers hampering the implementation of an incineration plant in Mauritius demonstrated that the uptake of this technology is constrained by social acceptability. However, if proper awareness is conducted, energy recovery from municipal solid waste using incineration technology can become an interesting project for the Mauritian economy.

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