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Title Type Author(s) Year
Electricity consumption in Cape Town per ward Dataset
Perfil Barranquilla Report Jorge Vásquez Muñoz 2020
Feeding the Urban Metabolism within Planetary Boundaries - A Policy for future-proof Phosphorus Supply of a medium-sized Western European City with respect to its Global Hinterland Thesis Lisa Harseim 2019
Using spatially explicit commodity flow and truck activity data to map urban material flows Journal Article Lynette Cheah Lih Wei Yeow 2019
Development towards circular urban areas, a proposal for a hybrid conceptual framework. A casestudy at the Binckhorst, The Hague. Thesis Jolie Imme Groet 2018
Urban Metabolism of Intermediate Cities: The Material Flow Analysis, Hinterlands and the Logistics‐Hub Function of Rennes and Le Mans (France) Journal Article Bahers et al. 2018
Wings of Samothraki - Pathways to sustainable development Video Recording Faymann and Habeler 2018
Circular economy. The Municipality of The Hague Report The Municipality of The Hague 2017
Exploring the energy use drivers of 10 cities at microscale level Journal Article et al. 2017
Urban metabolism: A review with reference to Cape Town Journal Article Currie et al. 2017
Cape Town's Metabolism: Insights from a Material Flow Analysis Journal Article Hoekman and von Blottnitz 2016
Integrating Urban Heat Assessment in Urban Plans Journal Article Echevarria et al. 2016
Material Quickscan for Rotterdam and Den Haag Report Metabolic 2016
Towards a circular economy... of proximity? Report ADEME et al. 2016
Urban-Scale Material Flow Analysis in a South African Context: A Cape Town Feasibility Study Thesis Paul Hoekman 2015
Quantification of urban metabolism through coupling with the life cycle assessment framework: concept development and case study Journal Article Goldstein et al. 2013
Using System Dynamics for Sustainable Water Resources Management in Singapore Conference Paper Xi and Poh 2013
From Eradication To Intervention: Urban Informal Ecosystem Thesis Shannon Royden-Turner 2012
Mainstreaming Urban Metabolism: Advances And Challenges In City Participation Conference Paper Hoornweg et al. 2012
Climate change adaptation in a developing country context: The case of urban water supply in Cape Town Journal Article Ziervogel et al. 2011
Dynamic modeling of Singapore's urban resource flows: Historical trends and sustainable scenario development Conference Paper Abou-Abdo et al. 2011
Investigation into a sustainable implant in the Erasmusveld neighborhood, The Hague Thesis Nels Nelson 2010
Twelve metropolitan carbon footprints: A preliminary comparative global assessment Journal Article Sovacool and Brown 2010
Extracción de Nutrientes en la Agricultura Argentina Journal Article Gustavo Adolfo Cruzate y Roberto Casas Instituto de Suelos and 21-26 2009
The Changing Metabolism of Cities Journal Article Christopher Kennedy and Engel-Yan 2007
Métabolisme des activités économiques du Canton de Genève - Phase 1 Thesis Emmenegger et al. 2003
The ecological footprint of Cape Town: Unsustainable resource use and planning implications Conference Paper Barry Gasson 2002