Development towards circular urban areas, a proposal for a hybrid conceptual framework. A casestudy at the Binckhorst, The Hague.

This research introduces implementation of CE in urban planning, as referred to Circular Urban Area Development (CUAD). A conceptual framework of CUAD is developed, based on a literature review of CE and sustainable urban area development. This lead to the formulation of four categories of urban planning (1) economic experience, (2) households, (3) public space and (4) infrastructure and mobility. These categories are interconnected through flows of resources and energy. Additionally, three layers (mi- cro-, meso-, and macro-level) of CE implementation strategies and policy are incorpo- rated in the framework. The framework is built upon findings, tools and methodologies of three research domains, namely: (1) urban metabolism, (2) stakeholder analysis and (3) future studies.

Associated space

The Hague

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