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Title Type Author(s) Year
Can an island economy be more sustainable? A comparative study of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines Journal Article Yanga et al. 2020
Developing a Design-Led Approach for the Food-Energy-Water Nexus in Cities Journal Article Rob Roggema Wanglin Yan 2019
Energy Report Municipality of The Hague Report Lokale Energie Etalage 2019
A geospatial approach of downscaling urban energy consumption density in mega-city Dhaka, Bangladesh Journal Article Sikder et al. 2018
Technomass and Cooling Demand in South America: a superlinear relationship? Journal Article Palme et al. 2018
From Urban climate to Energy Consumption: Enhancing Building Performance Simulation by Including the Urban Heat Island Effect Journal Article Palme et al. 2017
Energy intensities of urban form: a gravitational analysis for the Metropolitan City of Milan and Lombardy region, Italy Conference Paper Zhao et al. 2016
Energy metabolism of the Balearic Islands (1986–2012) Journal Article Ginard-Bosch and Ramos-Martín 2016
Energy balance of the Brussels Capital Region (Year 2013) Report Vanderpoorten et al. 2015
Evolution of the energy intensity of the Brussels Region Report Vanderpoorten and Verbeke 2015
Sustainability Analysis of a Society Based on Exergy Studies: A Case Study of the Island of Samsø (Denmark) Journal Article Nielsen and Jørgensen 2015
Using industrial and commercial waste heat for residential heat supply: A case study from Hamburg, Germany Journal Article Brückner et al. 2014
Urban Metabolism and the Energy Stored in Cities Journal Article Christopher A. Kennedy David N. Bristow 2013
Comparative Analysis of Energy Consumptions in the Residential Sector of the City of San Juan Journal Article Lucas et al. 2011
The Energetic Metabolism of Societies, Part II: Empirical Examples Journal Article Helmut Haberl 2001