Evolution of the energy intensity of the Brussels Region

In recent years, an improvement in energy intensity could be observed for the various sectors. Depending on the variables considered, this improvement was more or less important. The explanatory factors may differ for the different sectors, but the balance sheet is currently encouraging. Once the climate effect has been neutralized, the evolution of consumption can also be attributed to other cyclical evolutions, including those associated with prices on the energy markets. On the other hand, the evolution of consumption is also influenced by basic trends, such as:
• the evolution of the population, its standard of living and its consumption habits, and the evolution of the housing stock;
• the evolution of economic activity (production, building stock, ...) and the associated employment;
• the evolution of the size and quality of the equipment of families and businesses (vehicle fleet, electrical and electronic devices, ...);
• the effect of forced (for example through regulations) energy-saving behaviors or voluntary (through becoming more aware of the residents or managers of the buildings) energy-saving measures.

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