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Energy - monthly data Dataset Eurostat
New perspectives on internet electricity use in 2030 Journal Article Anders Andrae
Supply, transformation and consumption of electricity Dataset Eurostat
Energy transition to decarbonize the energy system in Mauritius Journal Article Dinesh Surroop 2023
Can Fintech development pave the way for a transition towards low-carbon economy: A global perspective Journal Article Tao et al. 2022
Decarbonisation of islands: A multi-criteria decision analysis platform and application Journal Article Barney et al. 2022
Digital Economy Sectors are Key Co 2 Transmission Centers in the Economic System Journal Article Wang et al. 2022
Mining Cryptocurrency-Based Security Using Renewable Energy as Source Journal Article Gundaboina et al. 2022
Techno-economic, and environmental evaluations of a novel cogeneration system based on solar energy and cryptocurrency mining Journal Article Nikzad and Mehregan 2022
An Index of Cryptocurrency Environmental Attention (ICEA) Report Lucey et al. 2021
Bitcoin mining activity and volatility dynamics in the power market Report Karmakar et al. 2021
Cryptocurrency Mining from an Economic and Environmental Perspective. Analysis of the Most and Least Sustainable Countries Journal Article Náñez Alonso et al. 2021
How Large the Direct Rebound Effect for Residential Electricity Consumption When the Artificial Neural Network Takes on the Role? A Taiwan Case Study of Household Electricity Consumption Journal Article Adha and Hong 2021
Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Last-Mile Parcel Delivery by Automated Vehicles and Robots Journal Article Li et al. 2021
Proof-of-work based blockchain technology and Anthropocene: An undermined situation? Journal Article Christophe Schinckus 2021
Usage impact on data center electricity needs: A system dynamic forecasting model Journal Article Koot and Wijnhoven 2021
“From local island energy to degrowth? Exploring democracy, self-sufficiency, and renewable energy production in Greece and Spain” Journal Article Tsagkari et al. 2021
An approach to minimize the energy consumption during blockchain transaction Journal Article Nair et al. 2020
Assessing the sustainable municipal solid waste (MSW) to electricity generation potentials in selected Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS) Journal Article Joseph and Prasad 2020
Bitcoin-energy markets interrelationships - New evidence Journal Article Corbet et al. 2020
Bitcoin’s energy consumption is underestimated: A market dynamics approach Journal Article Alex de Vries 2020
Cryptodamages: Monetary value estimates of the air pollution and human health impacts of cryptocurrency mining Journal Article Goodkind et al. 2020
Decarbonizing the Galapagos Islands: Techno-Economic Perspectives for the Hybrid Renewable Mini-Grid Baltra–Santa Cruz Journal Article Eras-Almeida et al. 2020
Does an N-shaped association exist between pollution and ICT in Turkey? ARDL and quantile regression approaches Journal Article Barış-Tüzemen et al. 2020
Price and income elasticities of oil demand in Mauritius: An empirical analysis using cointegration method Journal Article Raghoo and Surroop 2020
Water-energy-food security: A Nexus perspective of the current situation in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article Mahlknecht et al. 2020
A multi-impact analysis of changing ICT consumption patterns for Sweden and the EU: Indirect rebound effects and evidence of decoupling Journal Article Joyce et al. 2019
Can the Caribbean Live within the Doughnut? Environmental and Social Performance of Five Island Nations Thesis Wei Jia 2019
Energy and policy considerations for deep learning in NLP Journal Article Strubell et al. 2019
The Carbon Footprint of Bitcoin Journal Article Stoll et al. 2019
Blockchain and smart metering towards sustainable prosumers Conference Paper Lazaroiu and Roscia 2018
Data center growth in the United States: decoupling the demand for services from electricity use Journal Article Shehabi et al. 2018
Greening cloud data centers in an economical way by energy trading with power grid Journal Article Gu et al. 2018
On the Scalability of Blockchain-Supported Local Energy Markets Conference Paper Blom and Farahmand 2018
Time Rebound Effect in Households Energy Use: Theory and Evidence Report Mizobuchi and Yamagami 2018
Citizen utilities: The emerging power paradigm Journal Article Green and Newman 2017
Crypto-trading: Blockchain-oriented energy market Conference Paper Mannaro et al. 2017
Energy landscape in Mauritius Journal Article Surroop and Raghoo 2017
Meaningful Circular Metabolism Thesis B. D. Nap 2017
A multi-year, multi-scale analysis of urban sustainability Journal Article Dor and Kissinger 2016
African Urbanization: Assimilating Urban Metabolism into Sustainability Discourse and Practice Journal Article Currie and Musango 2016
Metabolic heat production by human and animal populations in cities Journal Article Stewart and Kennedy 2016
Probing uncertainty levels of electrification in informal urban settlements: A case from South Africa Journal Article Kovacic et al. 2016
Towards a Dynamic Approach to Urban Metabolism: Tracing the Temporal Evolution of Brussels' Urban Metabolism from 1970 to 2010 Journal Article Athanassiadis et al. 2016
Towards more comprehensive urban environmental assessments: exploring the complex relationship between urban and metabolic profiles Thesis Aristide Athanassiadis 2016
Analysis of High-Resolution Utility Data for Understanding Energy Use in Urban Systems: The Case of Los Angeles, California Journal Article Pincetl et al. 2015
Consolidation, Colocation, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing: The Impact of the Changing Structure of Data Centers on Total Electricity Demand Book Section Hilty et al. 2015
Energy and material flows of megacities Journal Article Kennedy et al. 2015
Mass, energy, and emergy analysis of the metabolism of Macao Journal Article Lei et al. 2015
Sustainability analysis of a society based on exergy studies – a case study of the island of Samsø (Denmark) Journal Article Nielsen and Jørgensen 2015
Access to electricity in Small Island Developing States of the Pacific: Issues and challenges Journal Article Matthew Dornan 2014
Analysis of Egyptian Cities towards Sustainable Urban Metabolism Conference Paper Nourhan Magdy 2014
Resource Use in Small Island States Journal Article Krausmann et al. 2014
The urban metabolism of the city of Uppsala (Sweden) Journal Article Russo et al. 2014
Determining cement ball mill dosage by artificial intelligence tools aimed at reducing energy consumption and environmental impact Journal Article Sarduy et al. 2013
Smart everything: Will intelligent systems reduce resource use? Journal Article Koomey et al. 2013
An Analysis of Stocks and Flows Associated with Water Consumption in Indian Households Journal Article G. Venkatesh 2012
Blackouts illuminate India's power problems Journal Article Joshua J. Romero 2012
Urban Metabolism: The Case of Budapest Report Pomázi and 2008
Worldwide electricity used in data centers Journal Article Jonathan G. Koomey 2008
On the economics of electricity consumption in small island developing states: a role for renewable energy technologies? Journal Article Daniel Weisser 2004
L'écosystème URBS: L'écosystème urbain bruxellois Book Section Duvigneaud and Denayer-De Smet 1977