Energy - monthly data

IS-PNG-TJ Production of natural gas, TJ (GCV)
IS-CNG-TJ Total consumption of natural gas, TJ (GCV)
IS-ING-TJ Imports of natural gas, TJ (GCV)
IS-PEL-GWH Production of electricity - GWh
IS-CEL-GWH Consumption of electricity - GWh
IS-IEL-GWH Imports of electricity - GWh
IS-ROMS-T Refinery output of motor spirit - 1000t
IS-IDMS-T Inland deliveries of motor spirit - 1000t
IS-ROGD-T Refinery output of gas/diesel oil - 1000t
IS-IDGD-T Inland deliveries of gas/diesel oil - 1000t

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