Course 2: Data processing and analysis for Sector-wide Circularity Assessment (WP2+3)

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Welcome to the CityLoops' "Data Processing and Analysis for Sector-wide Circularity Assessment (WP2+3)" course! In this course we take documents in different formats like excel, PDF, Shapefiles and CSV among others, the ones collected in Course 1A+1B and learn how to convert them into a standardised format. This will allow us to input all the data into our centralized and accessible CityLoops Data Hub. Through this process you will learn how to create interactive maps and graphs that will help visualise your data in any way you choose.

Metabolism of Cities runs this moderated version of this course for the CityLoops cities, in which there is live support and online class sessions with a group of participants. The course will run for 8 weeks from April-June 2021.