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Upload course overview to YT

Created on Monday 25 January 2021, 14:57

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    Metabolism of Cities Education Hub
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    Communication and engagement
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    María Gracia Yepez
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    Carolin Bellstedt
    María Gracia Yepez
    Paul Hoekman

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MG could you upload this video to Youtube, as per our regular routine?

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Discussion and updates

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Ahhh one more thing... the description has XX: which refers to the specific time in which a particular segment begins. Can you check and enter the right time (e.g. 2:06 to indicate that something starts at two minutes 6 seconds in)? The same description should be shown on Youtube. Lastly, please make this a public video on Youtube.

Task was assigned to María Gracia Yepez

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Hi you two, as a side note here, is there a documentation (video or manual) somewhere of your regular routine? Aris and I could use this for CityLoops.

Not as far as I know, but this is basically the workflow (MG please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere):
- I upload the video to the Multimedia hub and attach the file
- I then add intro & outro to it
- Once this is done I give MG the heads-up and ask for the videos to be put on YT
- She will download the full video (with intro & outro), and upload to YT
- It will be put up as an UNLISTED link
- She will create an icon for it using Canva to create this and pexels for photos
- Once uploaded, she will then edit the video on our site and enter the YT link (and change the SITE to say YT, whereas before I entered OTHER)
- She will also upload the same thumbnail to our site

I think that's it. We can very much streamline lots of this if we embed the YT API. But we need to sort out some documentation for that (they need terms & conditions for our site as a first step).

Thanks so much Paul! This is very helpful. I've expanded on this to make a proper brief manual, see task here: The manual doc is linked there with some open questions. Would be great if you could have a look! Thanks.

Coolio, will do!