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Improve shapefile processing workflow

Created on Thursday 12 November 2020, 08:11

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    Metabolism of Cities Education Hub
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    Programming work
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    Spanish course: data processing
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Paul Hoekman

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There are a few things that need to be looked at:

  • Some uploaded shapefiles were actually deactivated but the task still remains in the overview of "shapefiles to be processed". This is because that list is based on the automatically created tasks that don't remove themselves when the underlying item is removed. Should be fixed. I actually want to see if we can move away from some of the automatically created tasks and instead filter by pending library items and only make a new task if someone starts working on it.

  • Should be easier to edit a library item if shapefiles are corrupted

  • On the last page we need to revisit the geocodes, and perhaps also look at selecting an update frequency from a dropdown list so that we can put this in a schedule, instead of having an open text field

Discussion and updates

New task was created

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Status change: Open → In Progress

Okay this was now done. Attached screenshots. I have now created the list of shapefiles to process based on actual library items, and through some additional settings we can pull in info of who is currently working on it (if anyone). The list is also easier to search and shows all cities associated with a shapefile - in case there's more than one. There is a direct link to edit a broken shapefile. I also made the "process shapefile" page (step 1) accessible to the public -- it simply hides away the button to go to step 2 and invites users to log in / obtain the right badge. This makes it clearer what's going on than putting up a YOU HAVE NO ACCESS page.

The geocodes are now removed. I believe that using the TAGS correctly in combination with a "short title" may actually be sufficient. We will test this out and see what happens. Also there is now a dropdown with when the dataset needs updating, which allows for future scheduling.

Status change: In Progress → Completed