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Allow for adding the data processing permission to course participants

Created on Monday 9 November 2020, 06:53

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    Metabolism of Cities Education Hub
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    Programming work
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    Spanish course: data processing
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    Paul Hoekman
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    Paul Hoekman

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We need to take the next step in the badges and permissions system. Originally, the idea was that badges are awarded based on activities (you upload 10 datasets? bam, you got yourself a special badge for that achievement), a la Stackoverflow. This system is partially built. However, now that we have the data processing course we see that badges != permissions. In this case, we have people who may be new to all this who start the data uploading course. And to do that course, they need to be able to process data even though they may not yet have all the badges.

We should not have a system to add badges to them by hand, as badges should really only be awarded if the achievement was really reached. However, we can manage permissions separate from badges, which I have already been starting to do. So we need a separate permission for "USER MAY PROCESS DATA", which in this case we should be able to add in a relatively easy way so that we can quickly grant the students this permission.

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So here is how this works. If you go to the courses in the control panel, you see two buttons under the list of students: one to send a mass mail, and another button to assign DATA PROCESSOR permissions. With one click you can assign them (it shows you a confirmation page first and then one click to assign, so I guess two...). The system will show who already had it and to whom it was added. This means you can also re-run this action if new students sign up.