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Prepare social media marketing materials

Created on Monday 26 October 2020, 15:18

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    Metabolism of Cities Education Hub
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    Communication and engagement
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    Spanish course: data processing
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    María Gracia Yepez
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    María Gracia Yepez
    Paul Hoekman

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Please join us and let's build things, together!


We need an image for Instagram, a mini blurb and/or image for Twitter, and maybe something for on LinkedIn? MG, can you prepare some materials that we can share there?

Discussion and updates

New task was created

Task was assigned to María Gracia Yepez

Here are two png files we can use. Shall I do more?

This seems good to me, thanks MG!

I'd say let's focus on getting the signup page fully working and then we can spread this on social media!

Status change: Open → Completed