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Feedback on social media visuals for "New Publication" notification

Created on Thursday 2 July 2020, 12:32

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    Metabolism of Cities
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    General review work
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    2020 Launch Sprint Good entry-level task
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    Aristide Athanassiadis
    Carlos Soto
    Carolin Bellstedt
    Kim Finlay

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Let's see if we can use these tasks to get feedback. This design might accompany out automated social media posts for new publications. In some cases there is a space for the publication title - which will require some manual editing. The idea is that the long horizontal ones would feed in to Twitter and maybe the square ones for instagram stories with a link to the publication in our Library.
What do we think about:

  • Colours

  • Use of Logo

  • Illustration

Discussion and updates

New task was created

Without publication title

Task was assigned to Carlos Soto

Hey Kim,
From my side, this looks very nice :D
Mind the circle of the logo it is slightly cut. There is an overlay or something on top and left side, covering it.


Thanks Carlos! I actually have been stealing the logo from the website, so the poor quality might be due to that. Do you know where we have the svg files saved?

Hey everyone, cool to see these. Just some quick comments (let's try to use or develop a consistent font use through MoC and our visuals). Should we use the same font as our logo for the rest of the text?
If yes that's Montserrat.
Also our logo is slightly cropped in the grey box.

Thanks Aris, I really thought the font was Lato, which is what I've been using here. I will change this, and am currently (like polishing this afternoon) a very short social media guide on Language, colour, font, images, and logo use. I'll make another task for everyone to review and make inputs

Maybe this is the one.

Carlos Soto is no longer responsible for this task

New font, new logo. You reckon it's still cut off?

That looks great!
I don't think this might be used in IG but for twitter this is sweet!!

Kim, good idea to write the social media guide. You could use the Editorial Style Guide that we've been compiling as a basis, see here.
As for the visual. It looks pretty neat. Perhaps also consider color consistency here? See our color scheme attached.
Finally, an alternative to the logo in the folder in your image could be to use the new library logo that Carlos made. But I actually also like the MoC logo here :)

Hey Kim, where did you do the logo. If you can send me the file, perhaps I can work int.

I did this on Spark. I have sent you an invitation to edit on