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Feeding the Urban Metabolism within Planetary Boundaries - A Policy for future-proof Phosphorus Supply of a medium-sized Western European City with respect to its Global Hinterland Thesis Lisa Harseim 2019
Evaluation Approaches for Advancing Urban Water Goals Journal Article Renouf and Kenway 2017
Scenarios for achieving absolute reductions in phosphorus consumption in Singapore Journal Article Pearce and Chertow 2017
Urban Metabolism for Resource-Efficient Cities: from Theory to Implementation Report Musango et al. 2017
Monitoring Urban Copper Flows in Stockholm, Sweden: Implications of Changes Over Time Journal Article Amneklev et al. 2016
The influence of UK emissions reduction targets on the emissions of the global steel industry Journal Article Serrenho et al. 2016
A multi-regional soil phosphorus balance for exploring secondary fertilizer potential: the case of Norway Journal Article Hanserud et al. 2015
Changing urban phosphorus metabolism: Evidence from Longyan City, China Journal Article Cui et al. 2015
Investigating Cross-Sectoral Synergies through Integrated Aquaculture, Fisheries, and Agriculture Phosphorus Assessments: A Case Study of Norway Journal Article Hamilton et al. 2015
The global anthropogenic gallium system: Determinants of demand, supply, and efficiency improvement Journal Article Løvik et al. 2015
A material flow model for impurity accumulation in beverage can recycling systems Book Section Løvik and Müller 2014
Concepts and methodologies for measuring the sustainability of cities Journal Article Yetano Roche et al. 2014
Dynamic material flow analysis for PCBs in the Norwegian building stock Journal Article Bergsdal et al. 2014
Estimation of Life Cycle Material Costs of Cadmium Telluride– and Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide–Photovoltaic Absorber Materials based on Life Cycle Material Flows Journal Article Marwede and Reller 2014
Global carbon benefits of material substitution in passenger cars until 2050 and the impact of the steel and aluminium industries Journal Article Modarsi et al. 2014
Long-term strategies for increased recycling of automotive aluminium and its alloying elements Journal Article Løvik et al. 2014
Sinks as limited resources? A new indicator for evaluating anthropogenic material flows Journal Article Kral et al. 2014
The Copper Balance of Cities Journal Article Kral et al. 2014
The role of in-use stocks in the social metabolism and in climate change mitigation Journal Article Pauliuk and Müller 2014
Unintentional Flow of Alloying Elements in Steel during Recycling of End-of-Life Vehicles Journal Article Hajime Ohno 2014
Centennial Evolution of Aluminum In-Use Stocks on Our Aluminized Planet Journal Article Gang Liu and Müller 2013
Industrial metabolism of PVC in China: A dynamic material flow analysis Journal Article Zhou et al. 2013
Recycling Rates of Aluminum in the United States Journal Article Wei-Qiang Chen 2013
Sustainable Urban Metabolism Book Ferrão and Fernández 2013
Sustainable design of sanitation system based on material and value flow analysis for urban slum in Indonesia Journal Article Ushijima et al. 2013
The Austrian P budget as a basis for resource optimization Journal Article Egle et al. 2013
The future of mobility and its critical raw materials Journal Article Ziemann et al. 2013
Transforming the Norwegian Dwelling Stock to reach the 2 Degrees Celsius Climate Target Journal Article Pauliuk et al. 2013
Urban metabolism assessment tools for resource efficient urban infrastructure Report Robinson et al. 2013
Comparing Growth Rates of Nickel and Stainless Steel Use in the Early 2000s Journal Article Reck and Rotter 2012
Network environ perspective for urban metabolism and carbon emissions: a case study of Vienna, Austria Journal Article Chen and Chen 2012
Nitrogen food-print: N use and N cascade from livestock systems in relation to pork, beef and milk supply to Paris Journal Article Chatzimpiros and Barles 2012
Particle Flow Analysis: Exploring Potential Use Phase Emissions of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles from Sunscreen, Paint, and Cement Journal Article Rickard Arvidsson 2012
Scenario Analysis of Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Reduction Potential in China's Iron and Steel Industry Journal Article Shuhua Ma 2012
Toward a Low Carbon–Dematerialization Society Journal Article Feng Shi 2012
A Comparison of Two Methods to Conduct Material Flow Analysis on Waste Tires in a Small Island Developing State Journal Article Saumya Sarkar 2011
Global Rare Earth In-Use Stocks in NdFeB Permanent Magnets Journal Article Du and Graedel 2011
Flows and fates of nickel--cadmium batteries in the City of Cape Town Journal Article Mason-Jones and von Blottnitz 2010
Metal Stocks in Society: Scientific Synthesis Report TE Graedel 2010
Society, energy and materials: the contribution of urban metabolism studies to sustainable urban development issues Journal Article Sabine Barles 2010
Cadmium Flows Caused by the Worldwide Production of Primary Zinc Metal Journal Article Matthias Achternbosch 2009
Collaborative Problem Solving Using an Industrial Ecology Approach Journal Article Boehme et al. 2009
Lead In-Use Stock Journal Article Mao and Graedel 2009
Platinum Group Metal Flows of Europe, Part II Journal Article Saurat and Bringezu 2009
Reverse Problem Formulation for Integrating Process Discharges with Watersheds and Drainage Systems Journal Article Eva M. Lovelady 2009
Scenarios of Waste Management for a Waste Emergency Area Journal Article Maria Laura Mastellone 2009
Using Total Material Requirement to Reduce the Global Environmental Burden Journal Article Iñaki Arto 2009
A Product-Level Approach to Historical Material Flow Analysis Journal Article Ermelinda M. Harper 2008
Dynamic Modeling of In-Use Cement Stocks in the United States Journal Article Amit Kapur 2008
Global Phosphorus Flows in the Industrial Economy From a Production Perspective Journal Article Gara Villalba 2008
Platinum Group Metal Flows of Europe, Part 1 Journal Article Saurat and Bringezu 2008
The “Hidden” Trade of Metals in the United States Journal Article Johnson and Graedel 2008
A material flow analysis of wood and paper in Cape Town: is there potential to redirect flows in formal and informal sectors to foster use as a renewable resource? Journal Article Nissing and von Blottnitz 2007
Accounting for Fluorine: Production, Use, and Loss Journal Article Gara Villalba 2007
Substance Flow Analysis of Mercury Intentionally Used in Products in the United States Journal Article Alexis Cain 2007
Food Consumption and Nutrient Flows: Nitrogen in Sweden Since the 1870s Journal Article Tina-Simone Schmid Neset 2006
Plastics materials flow analysis for India Journal Article Nitin H. Muthaa and Patela 2006
The Energetic Metabolism of the European Union and the United States: Decadal Energy Input Time-Series with an Emphasis on Biomass Journal Article Helmut Haberl 2006
Key drivers of the e-waste recycling system: Assessing and modelling e-waste processing in the informal sector in Delhi Journal Article Streicher-Porte et al. 2005
Material flow analysis of industrial systems in Antarctica Thesis Robert Jason Klee 2005
The Multilevel Cycle of Anthropogenic Zinc Journal Article T. E. Graedel 2005
Dematerialization: Not Just a Matter of Weight Journal Article Ester van der Voet 2004
Future Redistribution of Cadmium to Arable Swedish Soils: A Substance Stock Analysis Journal Article Sten Karlsson 2004
Postconsumption Sewage Treatment in Environmental Systems Analysis of Foods Journal Article Ulf Sonesson 2004
What can we learn from local substance flow analyses? The review of cadmium flows in Swedish municipalities Journal Article Lindqvist and von Malmborg 2004
A handbook of industrial ecology Book Ayres and Ayres 2002
Experience with the Use of Substance Flow Analysis in Denmark Journal Article Erik Hansen 2002
Material Flow Analysis, Vision and Reality Journal Article Paul H. Brunner 2001
Materials and Energy Flow Analysis of Paper Consumption in the United Kingdom, 1987-2010 Journal Article Erik Sundin 2001
Nitrogen Balance for the Central Arizona–Phoenix (CAP) Ecosystem Journal Article Baker et al. 2001
Urban Metal Flows - A Case Study of Stockholm. Review and Conclusions Journal Article Bergbäck et al. 2001
Dynamic substance flow analysis: the delaying mechanism of stocks, with the case of PVC in Sweden Journal Article Kleijn et al. 2000
Full Mode and Attribution Mode in Environmental Analysis Journal Article Helias Udo de Haes 2000
Mass balance for wastewater nitrogen in the Central Arizona–Phoenix ecosystem Journal Article Lauver and Baker 2000
Heavy-Metal Balances, Part II: Management of Cadmium, Copper, Lead, and Zinc in European Agro-Ecosystems Journal Article Simon W. Moolenaar 1999
Heavy Metal Balances, Part I Journal Article Moolenaar and Lexmond 1998
The Life Cycle of Chlorine, Part III Journal Article Robert U. Ayres 1998
Chlorine in the Netherlands, Part I, An Overview Journal Article René Kleijn 1997
Chlorine in the Netherlands, Part II: Risk Management in Uncertainty for Chlorine Journal Article Arnold Tukker 1997
The Life Cycle of Chlorine, Part II: Conversion Processes and Use in the European Chemical Industry Journal Article Ayres and Ayres 1997
A Phosphorus Budget for a Swedish Municipality Journal Article Jim Nilsson 1995