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Title Type Author(s) Year
Global Academy of Training and Research Journal Journal Article Vetrova and Ivanova 2021
South American Expert Roundtable: Increasing Adaptive Governance Capacity for Coping with Unintended Side Effects of Digital Transformation Journal Article Viale Pereira et al. 2020
The Hawaiian Islands: Conceptualizing an Industrial Ecology Holarchic System Journal Article Chertow et al. 2020
Defining the sharing economy for sustainability Journal Article Curtis and Lehner 2019
Enhancing coastal livelihoods in Indonesia: an evaluation of recent initiatives on gender, women and sustainable livelihoods in small-scale fisheries Journal Article Stacey et al. 2019
IoT-enabled real-time energy efficiency optimisation method for energy-intensive manufacturing enterprises Journal Article Wang et al. 2018
Critical success factors behind the sustainability of the Sharing Economy Conference Paper Hasan and Birgach 2016
Strategic sustainability and industrial ecology in an island context, with considerations for a green economy roadmap: a study in the tourist accommodation sector, Grenada. Thesis John N. Telesford 2014
Practicing Law in the Sharing Economy: Helping People Build Cooperatives, Social Enterprise, and Local Sustainable Economies Book Janelle Orsi 2012
Islands, island studies, island studies journal Journal Article Godfrey Baldacchino 2006
The Life-Cycle of Chlorine, Part I: Chlorine Production and the Chlorine-Mercury Connection Journal Article Robert Ayres 1997