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Title Type Author(s) Year
Culture and tourism - cities and greater cities Dataset Eurostat
Tourism and Climate Change Stocktake 2023 Report Becken and Scott 2023
Restructuring Island Tourism: Using the Socioeconomic Metabolism (SEM) and Multilevel Perspective (MLP) as Models for Transitioning to Sustainable Island Tourism Book Section Telesford et al. 2022
Small island developing states, tourism and climate change Journal Article Wolf et al. 2022
Developing climate services for Caribbean tourism: a comparative analysis of climate push and pull influences using climate indices Journal Article Matthews et al. 2021
Reconstructing tourism in the Caribbean: connecting pandemic recovery, climate resilience and sustainable tourism through mobility justice Journal Article Mimi Sheller 2021
GIS-based Material Stock Analysis (MSA) of Climate Vulnerabilities to the Tourism Industry in Antigua and Barbuda Journal Article Bradshaw et al. 2020
The contribution of tourism to municipal solid waste generation: A mixed demand-supply approach on the island of Tenerife Journal Article Diaz-Farina et al. 2020
Tourism and COVID-19, Issue 2. Tourism in SIDS – the challenge of sustaining livelihoods in times of COVID-19 | World Tourism Organization Report UNWTO 2020
Tourism-Dependent Small Islands, Inclusive Growth, and the Blue Economy Journal Article Hampton and Jeyacheya 2020
Community perceptions link environmental decline to reduced support for tourism development in small island states: A case study in the Turks and Caicos Islands Journal Article Robinson et al. 2019
Investigating the impact of climate change on the tourism sector: evidence from a sample of island economies Journal Article Seetanah and Fauzel 2019
Socio-spatial and Globalised Economies Book Section Ratter and Ratter 2018
The future of Caribbean tourism: competition and climate change implications Journal Article Mackay and Spencer 2017
Developing Food Value Chains to meet Tourism Demand in the Caribbean: Case Studies of St. Kitts Nevis and St. Lucia. Journal Article Ford and Dorodnykh 2016
Changing tourism patterns, capital accumulation, and urban water consumption in Mallorca, Spain: a sustainability fix? Journal Article Hof and Blázquez-Salom 2015
Assessing the vulnerability of beach tourism and non-beach tourism to climate change: a case study from Jamaica Journal Article Tracy-Ann Hyman 2014
Strategic sustainability and industrial ecology in an island context, with considerations for a green economy roadmap: a study in the tourist accommodation sector, Grenada. Thesis John N. Telesford 2014
Future climate of the Caribbean from a super-high-resolution atmospheric general circulation model Journal Article Hall et al. 2013
Long-Term Impacts of Non-Sustainable Tourism and Urban Development in Small Tropical Islands Coastal Habitats in a Changing Climate: Lessons Learned from Puerto Rico Book Hernández-Delgado et al. 2012
Transforming the Greek Island of Samothraki into a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve: An Experience in Transdisciplinarity Journal Article Fischer-Kowalski et al. 2011
Climate change and tourism: the implications for the Caribbean Journal Article Clayton et al. 2009
Climate change implications for water resource management in Caribbean tourism Journal Article Emmanuel et al. 2009
Social Equity Considerations in the Implementation of Caribbean Climate Change Adaptation Policies Journal Article Dulal et al. 2009
Climate Change and Small Island Tourism: Policy Maker and Industry Perspectives in Barbados Journal Article Belle and Bramwell 2005
Assessing climate change impacts on coastal infrastructure in the Eastern Caribbean Journal Article Lewsey et al. 2004