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Title Type Author(s) Year
Digital sufficiency: conceptual considerations for ICTs on a finite planet Journal Article Santarius et al. 2022
The Sustainability of Humanitarian Aid: The Nicobar Islands as a Case of ‘Complex Disaster' Book Section Singh et al. 2018
Complex Disasters on the Nicobar Islands Book Section Singh et al. 2016
Beyond Boserup: The Role of Working Time in Agricultural Development Book Section Ringhofer et al. 2014
Strategic sustainability and industrial ecology in an island context, with considerations for a green economy roadmap: a study in the tourist accommodation sector, Grenada. Thesis John N. Telesford 2014
The Intimacy of Human-Nature Interactions on Islands Book Section Chertow et al. 2013
Integrated modelling and scenario building for the Nicobar Islands in the aftermath of the Tsunami Book Section Wildenberg and Singh 2012
Socio-metabolic transitions in subsistence communities. Boserup Revisted Journal Article Fischer-Kowalski et al. 2011