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Title Type Author(s) Year
Evolution of virtual water metabolic network in developing regions: A case study of Guangdong province Journal Article He et al. 2020
Innovation in Isolation: Islands and the Energy Transition Journal Article Oscar Serpell 2020
Climate change: thinking small islands beyond Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Journal Article Petzold and Magnan 2019
Feeding the Urban Metabolism within Planetary Boundaries - A Policy for future-proof Phosphorus Supply of a medium-sized Western European City with respect to its Global Hinterland Thesis Lisa Harseim 2019
Incorporating Metabolic Thinking into Regional Planning: The Case of the Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan Journal Article Daniela Perrotti Juanjo Galan 2019
Infrastructure expansion, waste generation and EU policies on Circular Economy in Samothraki, Greece: An island's dilemma Document Noll et al. 2019
Materials flow analysis of a desert food production system: The case of bell peppers Journal Article Meidad Kissinger Sharon Ravitz Wyngaard 2019
Metabolic relationships between cities and hinterland: a political-industrial ecology of energy metabolism of Saint-Nazaire metropolitan and port area (France) Journal Article Bahers et al. 2019
Panorama Paquetá Thesis Lodewijk Luken 2019
Pathways towards regional circular economy evaluated using material flow analysis and system dynamics Journal Article Gao et al. 2019
The expansion of the built environment, waste generation and EU recycling targets on Samothraki, Greece: An island’s dilemma Journal Article Noll et al. 2019
Urban water metabolism information for planning water sensitive city-regions Journal Article Serrao-Neumann et al. 2019
A Methodology Concept for Territorial Metabolism – Life Cycle Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities in Scaling from Urban to Territorial Assessment Journal Article Sohn et al. 2018
Foundations of Material and Energy Flow Analysis and Types of Application for Governing Territories and Organisations Journal Article Ribon et al. 2018
The Sustainability of Humanitarian Aid: The Nicobar Islands as a Case of ‘Complex Disaster' Book Section Singh et al. 2018
Urban Metabolism of Intermediate Cities: The Material Flow Analysis, Hinterlands and the Logistics‐Hub Function of Rennes and Le Mans (France) Journal Article Bahers et al. 2018
Accounting for material flows across the Center-Val de Loire region Report Cécile Dormoy & Cassandre Mercier 2017
An Urban Metabolism and Carbon Footprint Analysis of the Jing-Jin-Ji Regional Agglomeration Journal Article Zheng et al. 2017
Coupling Material Flow Analysis (MFA) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Methodologies for Screening Flow and Emission of Biomass Energy in the Agricultural System Conference Paper Latifah A. Ghani 2017
Environmental studies of water resources in the Tandilia region Journal Article Galarreta et al. 2017
Estimating the Potential for Urban Mining in Paris Region Conference Paper Vincent Augiseau Sabine Barles 2017
Local Material and Energy Flow Analysis for the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Thesis Arunkumar Senthilnayagam 2017
On the circularisation of territorial metabolism Book Section Stephan Kampelmann 2017
Spatial Patterns of Land Cover Dynamics on Samothraki Island, Applying Remote Sensing on complex Mediterranean Pastures Thesis Markus Löw 2017
The material dimension of urbanization: flows and stocks of construction materials in Ile-de-France region Thesis Vincent Augiseau 2017
The role of science in sustainability transitions: citizen science, transformative research, and experiences from Samothraki island, Greece Journal Article Petridis et al. 2017
Urbanisation processes as key for analysing construction materials flows and stocks: Paris Region case study Conference Paper Sabine Barles Vincent Augiseau 2017
Comparing a territorial-based and a consumption-based approach to assess the local and global environmental performance of cities Journal Article Athanassiadis et al. 2016
Complex Disasters on the Nicobar Islands Book Section Singh et al. 2016
Energy intensities of urban form: a gravitational analysis for the Metropolitan City of Milan and Lombardy region, Italy Conference Paper Zhao et al. 2016
Energy metabolism of the Balearic Islands (1986–2012) Journal Article Ginard-Bosch and Ramos-Martín 2016
Follow the N and P road: High-resolution nutrient flow analysis of the Flanders region as precursor for sustainable resource management Journal Article Coppens et al. 2016
Material flow analysis for a sustainable resource management in island ecosystems. A case study in Santa Cruz Island (Galapagos) Journal Article Andrea Cecchin 2016
Socio-economic study and assessment of the Aquitaine region Report Adrian and Laurent 2016
Spatial flow analysis of water pollution in eco-natural systems Journal Article Zhou et al. 2016
Study of material flows across the territory and counties of Lorraine Report Jean Lecroart Margaux Montagnon Jean-Yves Courtonne 2016
A multi-regional soil phosphorus balance for exploring secondary fertilizer potential: the case of Norway Journal Article Hanserud et al. 2015
Emergy-based indicators of regional environmental sustainability: A case study in Shanwei, Guangdong, China Journal Article Lou et al. 2015
Formal and Informal Waste Management: Limitations and Potentialities of Recycling in the Galapagos Islands Journal Article A. Cecchin 2015
Socioeconomic Metabolism of the Balearic Islands, 1996-2010 Book Section Ginard and Murray 2015
Study Report, Material Flow Accounting in Brittany, 2011 Report Arnaud et al. 2015
Sustainability Analysis of a Society Based on Exergy Studies: A Case Study of the Island of Samsø (Denmark) Journal Article Nielsen and Jørgensen 2015
The potential of industrial ecology in France: territorial approach and realization elements Thesis Georgeault Laurent 2015
Uncertainty in Material Flow Analysis Indicators at Different Spatial Levels Journal Article Patrício et al. 2015
Water Supply Assessment on Santa Cruz Island: A Technical Overview of Provision and Estimation of Water Demand. Report Reyes et al. 2015
A Material Flow Accounting Case Study of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area using the Urban Metabolism Analyst Model Journal Article Rosado et al. 2014
Assessing Biophysical Limits to the Economic Development of Remote Islands: The Case of Isabela in the Galapagos Archipelago Manuscript Martinez-Iglesias et al. 2014
Beyond Boserup: The Role of Working Time in Agricultural Development Book Section Ringhofer et al. 2014
Demand and Supply of Fresh Products in Galapagos Report P. Berube 2014
Patterns of change in material use and material efficiency in the successor states of the former Soviet Union Journal Article Schandl et al. 2014
Political ecology of water: theoretical-methodological reflections for the study of irrigation in the province of Mendoza. Conference Paper Robin Larsimont 2014
The global metabolic transition: Regional patterns and trends of global material flows, 1950--2010 Journal Article Schaffartzik et al. 2014
An urban metabolism and ecological footprint assessment of Metro Vancouver Journal Article Moore et al. 2013
Material use and material efficiency in Latin America and the Caribbean Journal Article West and Schandl 2013
The Intimacy of Human-Nature Interactions on Islands Book Section Chertow et al. 2013
Building waste management core indicators through Spatial Material Flow Analysis: Net recovery and transport intensity indexes Journal Article Vivanco et al. 2012
Comparison of energy flow accounting, energy flow metabolism ratio analysis and ecological footprinting as tools for measuring urban sustainability: A case-study of an Irish city-region Journal Article Browne et al. 2012
Efficiency Through Proximity: Changes in Phosphorus Cycling at the Urban–Agricultural Interface of a Rapidly Urbanizing Desert Region Journal Article Metson et al. 2012
Integrated modelling and scenario building for the Nicobar Islands in the aftermath of the Tsunami Book Section Wildenberg and Singh 2012
Material Flows and Energy Analysis of Glass Containers Discarded in New Jersey, USA Journal Article Tsai and Krogmann 2012
Analyses of water footprint of Beijing in an interregional input-output framework Journal Article Zhang et al. 2011
Socio-metabolic transitions in subsistence communities. Boserup Revisted Journal Article Fischer-Kowalski et al. 2011
Transforming the Greek Island of Samothraki into a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve: An Experience in Transdisciplinarity Journal Article Fischer-Kowalski et al. 2011
Urban Water Mass Balance Analysis Journal Article Kenway et al. 2011
Material flow accounting of an Indian village Manuscript Kestemont and Kerkhove 2010
Methodology for inventorying greenhouse gas emissions from global cities Journal Article Kennedy et al. 2010
Analysis of regional material flows: The case of the Czech Republic Journal Article Kovanda et al. 2009
Analysis of water consumption using a regional input-output model: Model development and application to Zhangye City, Northwestern China Journal Article Wang et al. 2009
Catalonia's energy metabolism: Using the MuSIASEM approach at different scales Journal Article Ramos-Martín et al. 2009
Global mapping of Al, Cu, Fe, and Zn in-use stocks and in-ground resources Journal Article J.N. Rauch 2009
Reverse Problem Formulation for Integrating Process Discharges with Watersheds and Drainage Systems Journal Article Eva M. Lovelady 2009
Study of Demand and Supply of Agricultural Products in Galapagos Report C. Zapata 2009
The food-print of Paris: long-term reconstruction of the nitrogen flows imported into the city from its rural hinterland Journal Article Billen et al. 2009
Urban Metabolism of Paris and Its Region Journal Article Sabine Barles 2009
Using Material Flow Analysis to Illuminate Long-Term Waste Management Solutions in Oahu, Hawaii Journal Article Eckelman and Chertow 2009
Using Total Material Requirement to Reduce the Global Environmental Burden Journal Article Iñaki Arto 2009
A method for regional-scale material flow and decoupling analysis: A demonstration case study of Aichi prefecture, Japan Journal Article Tachibana et al. 2008
Applying physical input–output tables of energy to estimate the energy ecological footprint (EEF) of Galicia (NW Spain) Journal Article Carballo Penela and Sebastián Villasante 2008
Detailed assessment of structural characteristics of Turkish RC building stock for loss assessment models Journal Article Bal et al. 2008
Proposal for Market-Focused Agriculture and Livestock Policy in Galapagos Report C. Zapata 2008
An Integrated Framework for Regional Studies: Emergy Based Spatial Analysis of the Province of Cagliari Journal Article Pulselli et al. 2007
Spatial characterisation of multi-level in-use copper and zinc stocks in Australia Journal Article Beers and Graedel 2007
Analysis of water demand and water pollutant discharge using a regional input-output table: An application to the City of Chongqing, upstream of the Three Gorges Dam in China Journal Article Okadera et al. 2006
Approximate Analysis of Agricultural Product Flows and Market Elements in Galapagos Report Chiriboga and Maignan 2006
The ecological sustainability of regional metabolisms: Material flow analyses of the regions of Hamburg, Vienna and Leipzig Journal Article Hammer et al. 2006
Material flow analysis of industrial systems in Antarctica Thesis Robert Jason Klee 2005
Pursuing More Sustainable Consumption by Analyzing Household Metabolism in European Countries and Cities Journal Article Henri C. Moll 2005
Towards an Integrated Regional Materials Flow Accounting Model Journal Article Sinclair et al. 2005
An island approach to industrial ecology: towards sustainability in the island context Journal Article Deschenes and Chertow 2004
Ecological Footprints and interdependencies of New Zealand regions Journal Article McDonald and Patterson 2004
Long-term Coordination of Timber Production and Consumption Using a Dynamic Material and Energy Flow Analysis Journal Article Daniel B. Müller and Baccini 2004
Managing the Flow of Construction Minerals in the North West Region of England Journal Article Darryn McEvoy 2004
Transition towards improved regional wood flows by integrating material flux analysis and agent analysis: the case of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland Journal Article Binder et al. 2004
Visualization of Regional Material Flow using Over-flow Potential Maps Report Tanikawa et al. 2004
In the Sea of Influence: A World System Perspective of the Nicobar Islands Book Simron J. Singh 2003
Material Flow Analysis on the Regional Level: Questions, Problems, Solutions Report Hammer et al. 2003
The Biomass Metabolism of the Food System: A Model-Based Survey of the Global and Regional Turnover of Food Biomass Journal Article Stefan Wirsenius 2003
Total material requirements in the Basque Country Journal Article I Arto Olaizola 2003
A comparison of the sustainability of public and private transportation systems: Study of the Greater Toronto Area Journal Article Christopher A. Kennedy 2002
City Limits. A resource flow and ecological footprint analysis of Greater London Report Best Foot Forward 2002
Total material requirement of the Basque Country Report IHOBE 2002
Nitrogen Balance for the Central Arizona–Phoenix (CAP) Ecosystem Journal Article Baker et al. 2001
Urban nutrient balance for Bangkok Journal Article Færge et al. 2001
Mass balance for wastewater nitrogen in the Central Arizona–Phoenix ecosystem Journal Article Lauver and Baker 2000
Material flow analysis: A tool to support environmental policy decision making. Case-studies on the city of Vienna and the Swiss lowlands Journal Article Hendriks et al. 2000
Use of resources in economic areas: Material flow analyzes for sustainable spatial development Book Stefan Bringezu 2000
Energy flow analysis as a tool for developing a sustainable society—a case study of a Swedish island Journal Article Sundkvist et al. 1999
A comparison of the economic performance of different micro-states, and between micro-states and larger countries Journal Article Armstrong et al. 1998
The ecological backpack of the Ruhr area: a comparison with North Rhine-Westphalia and the Federal Republic of Germany Working paper Bringezu and Schütz 1996
The components of Charleroi's ecosystem and the prospects for regional socio-economic development (preliminary study). Report Duvigneaud et al. 1981