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Blockchain Technology Can Help Consumers Tip Farmers—But Should It? Webpage and 2021
Catalysing Science-Based Policy Action on Sustainable Consumption and Production: The Value-Chain Approach and its Application to Food, Construction and Textiles Report Lopez et al. 2021
Global Academy of Training and Research Journal Journal Article Vetrova and Ivanova 2021
Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Last-Mile Parcel Delivery by Automated Vehicles and Robots Journal Article Li et al. 2021
Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Last-Mile Parcel Delivery by Automated Vehicles and Robots Journal Article Li et al. 2021
Unlocking the potential Journal Article Saberi et al. 2021
A Product/Service System Design Schema: Application to Big Data Analytics Journal Article Sakao and Neramballi 2020
Blockchain Technology for Agriculture: Applications and Rationale Journal Article Xiong et al. 2020
Comparative greenhouse gas footprinting of online versus traditional shopping for fast-moving consumer goods: A stochastic approach Journal Article Shahmohammadi et al. 2020
Environmental Sustainability of Digitalization in Manufacturing: A Review Journal Article Chen et al. 2020
Evaluating the mineral commodity supply risk of the U.S. manufacturing sector Journal Article Nassar et al. 2020
IoT-enabled smart appliances under industry 4.0: A case study Journal Article Aheleroff et al. 2020
Iot in supply chain management: a narrative on retail sector sustainability Journal Article de Vass et al. 2020
The Carbon Footprint of Retail: ECommerce vs Bricks & Mortar Webpage Preston et al. 2020
The Future of Food: Environmental Lessons from E-Commerce Journal Article Gee et al. 2020
Who co-opted our energy efficiency gains? A sociology of macro-level rebound effects and US car makers Journal Article R. Galvin 2020
Achieving Sustainable E-Commerce in Environmental, Social and Economic Dimensions by Taking Possible Trade-Offs Journal Article Olah et al. 2019
Big data application in sustainable supply chains: a transportation industry case Book Section Hu et al. 2019
Blockchain technology and its relationships to sustainable supply chain management Journal Article Saberi et al. 2019
Global E-Commerce Report The Freedonia Group 2019
Value co-creation for sustainable consumption and production in the sharing economy in China Journal Article Ma et al. 2019
Analysis of environmental impacts of drone delivery on an online shopping system Journal Article Jarotwan Koiwanit 2018
Assessing indirect environmental effects of information and communication technology (ICT): A systematic literature review Journal Article Bieser and Hilty 2018
Blockchain practices, potentials, and perspectives in greening supply chains Journal Article Kouhizadeh and Sarkis 2018
Blockchain, business supply chains, sustainability, and law: The future of governance, legal frameworks, and lawyers? Journal Article Adam J. Sulkowski 2018
Consumer product safety in the Internet of Things Report OECD 2018
IoT-enabled real-time energy efficiency optimisation method for energy-intensive manufacturing enterprises Journal Article Wang et al. 2018
More Sustainability in Industry through Industrial Internet of Things? Journal Article Beier et al. 2018
Toward an ontology-driven blockchain design for supply-chain provenance Journal Article Kim and Laskowski 2018
We need to talk about blockchain—Together. Journal Article Norton and Rohwer 2018
Energy consumption in e-commerce versus conventional trade channels - Insights into packaging, the last mile, unsold products and product returns Journal Article Pålsson et al. 2017
Environmental benefits of internet-enabled C2C closed-loop supply chains: A quasi-experimental study of Craigslist Journal Article Suvrat Dhanorkar 2017
Life cycle assessment of clothing libraries: Can collaborative consumption reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion? Journal Article Zamani et al. 2017
A Strategy for Material Supply Chain Sustainability: Enabling a Circular Economy in the Electronics Industry through Green Engineering Journal Article O’Connor et al. 2016
IOT in agriculture Conference Paper Shenoy and Pingle 2016
A comparative analysis of carbon emissions from online retailing of fast moving consumer goods Journal Article van Loon et al. 2015
Collaborative consumption as a new trend of sustainable consumption Journal Article Dabrowska and Gutkowska 2015
Environmental implications for online retailing Journal Article Carrillo et al. 2014