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Title Type Author(s) Year
Best Practice Guidelines for the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency Report Acton et al. 2021
Machine Learning: New Ideas and Tools in Environmental Science and Engineering Journal Article Zhong et al. 2021
A Product/Service System Design Schema: Application to Big Data Analytics Journal Article Sakao and Neramballi 2020
A Review of Technical Standards for Smart Cities Journal Article Lai et al. 2020
A novel approach to calculate individuals’ carbon footprints using financial transaction data – App development and design Journal Article David Andersson 2020
Can big data, AI and chemical footprinting help the renewable energy sector avoid a toxic waste legacy? Journal Article Rajan et al. 2020
Data-Driven Unsustainability? An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Governing the Environmental Impacts of a Data-Driven Society Report Lucivero et al. 2020
Environmental Informatics Vis-à-Vis Big Data Analytics: The Geo-Spatial & Sustainable Solutions Journal Article Paul et al. 2020
IoT-enabled smart appliances under industry 4.0: A case study Journal Article Aheleroff et al. 2020
The fourth-revolution in the water sector encounters the digital revolution Journal Article Garrido-Baserba et al. 2020
Using big data to evaluate corporate social responsibility and sustainable development practices Journal Article Barbeito‐Caamaño and Chalmeta 2020
Big data application in sustainable supply chains: a transportation industry case Book Section Hu et al. 2019
Digital colonialism: US empire and the new imperialism in the Global South Journal Article Michael Kwet 2019
Emerging trends in geospatial artificial intelligence (geoAI): Potential applications for environmental epidemiology Journal Article VoPham et al. 2018
2016 Sidley Austin Distinguished Lecture on Big Data Law and Policy: The three laws of robotics in the age of big data Journal Article Jack Balkin 2017
Regulation tomorrow: What happens when technology is faster than the law? Journal Article Fenwick et al. 2017
Rise of the digital regulator Journal Article Rory Van Loo 2017
Big data's disparate impact Journal Article Barocas and Selbst 2016
The Rise of the Platform Economy Journal Article Kenney and Zysman 2016
Urban planning and building smart cities based on the Internet of Things using Big Data analytics Journal Article Rathore et al. 2016
Using Big Data to Estimate Consumer Surplus: The Case of Uber Report Cohen et al. 2016