Farms list

How were these GPS points obtained?
From the Den Haag data platform

Are there any known data gaps?
Data did not match up with the 'urban farm' list on the Den Haag government website, I used this list on the website as exhaustive and excluded other information from the data set.


Associated space

The Hague

Part of this shapefile

  • Stadsboerderij Landzigt
  • Stadsboerderij Op den Dijk
  • Stadsboerderij Schildershoeve
  • Stadsboerderij de Gagelhoeve
  • Stadsboerderij de Herweijerhoeve
  • Stadsboerderij de Kakelhof
  • Stadsboerderij de Molenweide
  • Stadsboerderij de Reigershof
  • Stadsboerderij de Woelige Stal
  • Stadsboerderij t Waaygat

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