Plots and Buildings: UrbIS-Cadastral

UrbIS-P & B

UrbIS-Cadastral Parcels & Buildings (hereinafter UrbIS-P & B) is a database of plots and buildings in the Brussels Region provided by the A.G.D.P. (the General Administration of Patrimonial Documentation or the Cadastre).
Each year, the AGDP provides the complete set of updated cadastral data and the CIRB integrates these new data into the UrbIS-P & B product.
The data that make up the UrbIS-P & B product are intended for use in a GIS (Geographic Information System) environment. The geometry of the plots and cadastral buildings is supplemented by attributes (official cadastral codes, etc.). For each of these objects, the address information (taken from UrbIS-Adm) is provided.

The UrbIS-P & B product can be combined with other UrbIS products. Therefore, it is possible to perform spatial queries and analyzes.
P&B data are provided upon request to

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