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Module - Module 2: Accounting methodologies and indicators

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On the whole this was a great overview of the different accounting methodologies, although it would be nice to also have some practice exercise questions to be able to apply the theory

Hi Tabinda,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Great to see you go through the course. Please note that we had questions in our original version of the MOOC but we recently upgraded our platform and haven't been able to migrate the questions alongside it. We will look into getting them back in place soon!

Hi Guys,

in the quetions tab its not possible to confirm my entries, and therefore its also not possible to check whethere I have filed the right answers. There is no button or anything of sorts.


Hi Jesse,

It's been a while since you left your feedback, but it didn't go unnoticed! We had this on our radar for a while and have now fixed this. You can now submit your answers and the system will report on the correct ones.

Thanks for your patience,

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