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Module - Module 1: Introduction

Metabolism of Cities Education Hub
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The volume on this video is very low. I checked my settings and it's up as high as it can go but it's still tough to hear.

Volume on the second video is much better than the first.

Hi Christa, thanks for your message. We indeed recorded the first few videos at a low volume unfortunately -- things get better later on in the course and we hope to replace the low-volume videos at some point. But thanks for your feedback!

There is some HTML style code in the tekst below the video.

<p>In this video, we go over different urban environmental challenges and
explain why the fight against climate change will be won or lost in


Thanks for reporting this issue Jesse - we have corrected this!

Ótimo panorama !

@2:15 GDP is an expenditure measure. It is not purchasing power. Purchasing power is the 1) real wage and 2) real profit shares, and those two measures tell a dystopian story: profit share has risen far faster relative to the real wage. Meaning, workers are still getting royally screwed.

On 4. Exercise --- why? Or rather, why not have a form one can fill in with a url to the info, e.g., national statistics bureaus? Then you've got the beginning of a reuseable resource.

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